Many people say that the Danish Swedish Farm dog prefers to sleep under covers. I have doubts that only one breed of dog would do this.  And what in our past as wild dogs would this sleep behavior have as a natural parallel? 26904_344267323284_2315994_n Non-the-less I find it comfy under a blanket curled against a human’s stomach. While they watch DVD’s or read, I chew a bone at the end of Sandra’s bed. When the lights go out, I lift Andreas’ covers and crawl in. Then Gracie crawls in at his back as I won’t let her in on my side. About an hour after we all fall asleep, Cooper, our cat, comes in, sometimes with a mouse. He always lies near Andreas head and near mine which I cannot abide. So I walk around and climb under Sandra’s covers. Gracie follows and then Cooper comes over. The good thing about Sandra is she lifts Cooper to the foot of the bed. This clears up the prime spot with Andreas and I move back. Gracie follows. We repeat this process as many times as necessary during the night. When Andreas goes to work, we all migrate over to a permanent occupation of the spaces around Sandra’s body. When I feel it’s time for her to get up, I go to her head and lick her nose and eyes. Then Gracie licks her arms, and Cooper does the fake gentle tap move. It involves stealthy claws piercing her skin under the guise of a soft paw and is very effective. When she has gotten out of bed, we take her spot and go back to sleep. And that is the way it’s done.