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Humans say we dogs show domination by peeing out a territory. But they do the same thing with their language. I was just going to talk about my sister Gracie and remembered that Sandra had written a children’s story and called the animal’s off-spring kids. Her editor was firm with her,

We do not call animals kids!…unless they are goats.

Goats? O.K… It’s like this whole debate on whether dolphins are persons; Actually, India has declared dolphins to be persons. The logic is that people put great worth on the dolphins because they act like swimming dogs. This year the US is expected to spend 60 billion dollars on their pets. Are they going to spend 60 billion dollars on dolphins? I think not. What’s up with this logic?embarassed
Back to Gracie; She is not really my sister, I’ve heard Sandra say she is. She comes from a completely different family and you’d think she could see that. She is tall, overweight, hates sports, obsesses over food, has long weird toe nails and a giraffe neck. But she has never noticed – for all I know she thinks our cat Cooper is her brother :p. I’ve thought of the human concept of sacrilege and actually I’m not so sure I want people to call Gracie a dog. I love her, but I don’t think it’s right since I am a an actual dog. Notice the photo  how I am ducking so people won’t think we are together. I may need counseling.