You may think it’s impossible to train a human but that is a fallacy. You train them every single day without even realizing it. When you whimper do they not turn toward you and make cute noises of inquiry? When you jump on the sofa do they not bark out a rebuke? How about treats? Can you get them to give you treats or stop kissing each other so that you can have a cuddle? Even though these are negative things, if you realize that you are in control, it can be the beginning of the realization that you can have affect on and even train your human. Some humans are smarter than others, some are more observant and some are more willing, like children. Choose someone you are close to and begin the training. Here are two games I have developed and then taught to Sandra.

The impossible chase

The goal of this game is to get the human to attempt to catch you and in doing so have a lovely chase all over the yard or through the house. Best results are to have the human laughing and giggling so that they lose their breath and are even less apt to catch you.

Training tips

  1. Pick up your favorite ball and show it to your human
  2. Walk to the door and dart out when they open it
  3. If they call you, come back, but when they attempt to take the ball, back away a little
  4. Continue to repeat number 3. It is imperative that you appear to be very happy so they will not give up. Eye contact is important- show interest.
  5. When you get them out onto the lawn begin running large circles around them at a trotting pace so that they believe they will be able to catch you. If they catch up, run at full speed.


Canine ping pong

The goal of this game is to get a ball going back and forth between you and your human. I invented a solo variation of the game for myself but realized one day that it might be fun to include Sandra. You sit on the edge of the bed or a chair. It needs to be something high so that when you roll or drop your ball off the edge it will bounce to the human. The human then tosses it lightly back to you and you drop it to the floor again. The human will miss the ball quite often in the beginning and it a judgment call if you want to wait for them to fetch it or if you want to jump down and get it for them. I normally just get it as it saves time. The advanced mode is when your human bats the ball back to you without catching it and you do a header (with your nose) back so it becomes a fast game.

Training tips

  1. Wait with your ball near the edge of the bed until your human is sitting on the floor putting socks on
  2. Drop the ball gently, it will bounce then roll slowly by them, or into their feet
  3. Keep repeating this. At first they are going to think it’s random
  4. Finally one day, they will pick it up and toss it back to you.
  5. Immediately repeat jumping up to the bed and dropping the ball
  6. Be patient! They will eventually recognize the pattern and understand.