Optic Hunting from a dog’s perspective;

Just chilling watching something with Andreas.  I can’t really make out what it is but i hear men talking and motor sounds.

Andreas watches intently as though he were hunting.  I think this is what the modern humans do instead of hunting. It may be the reason they can get food out of their refrigerators. They hunt it on the screens with their minds, then the animal ends up dead and is transferred via fiber optics. I’ve figured these things out. I’m not sure if Cooper also uses fiber optics as I never see him hunt and yet there are dead mice under the kitchen chair from time to time.  I’m not interested in chasing animals. But if I was, I think I’d just walk outside, find something hiding, sneak up on it, chase it until it died, then eat it. It’s such a joy to run isn’t it. …I wonder if it’s a joy to think animals to death with your mind. I have my doubts as Andreas seems to occasionally nod off.

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