I feel as though I’m looking for something, searching for something new;  What is it I need. What am I looking for?ABC 135

Is it beyond the great fields to the west? Is it beyond the barn to the South where the sounds of cars, bikes and dogs waver in the heat? Do I long to run through grass and weeds – maybe see the cows up close? I’ve felt something special in the deep drifts of snow; is what I’m looking for at the ends of the earth in the endless white? Sometimes I lay in bed and gaze out the window at the contrast of trees against the sky. Should I learn to fly? I have searched the gravel and the paths in the yard. I have tried looking at the PC screens with Andreas, I have sniffed the scent of rabbit and fox in unfamiliar ditches and listened for the mighty badger in her holes… should I go there?

Oh! When I see you, take you gently in my teeth and ponder the prospects of catching you in the air,  I know my search ends with you.