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We knew something was up when Sandra kept pushing the snooze button over and over. And then there was all the crazy dashing about with the vacuum, not to mention that she did not give us breakfast. So Gracie and I took our places on the landing and watched out the window for about an hour; then it happened.

A car pulled up outside and people toppled out talking and laughing as they hurried to our door.

They were going to have a meeting. OK, I thought, I can do that. We sat at the table with binders, paper and pens. Everyone seemed to be looking at and talking to the one called David, I’m guessing he might have been the pack leader. He had dark eyes like me and was quite relaxed. The tall man had blue eyes bent over the table and moved a pen back and forth over his paper as though he was telling the paper something important. The woman was full of happy talking and moved a lot, I’d say if she would have had a tail, it would have been held high and wagging. She noticed me. Infact she seemed to notice everything that was going on in the room, whereas the men mostly noticed one another.rde4684_hi

The tall man reminded me of someone I like, someone who is very good at throwing balls. I tried to speak to him about this. He just returned a blank look. The man with the dark eyes seemed to like me. His eyes met mine and he let them linger. I tried to persuade him to leave the meeting and join me in the yard. He turned away so I’m guessing he wasn’t really thinking about what I was trying to say. I went to the woman, and she held me. She was friendly and full of energy- she pet me as though she knew me… but I was not getting any vibes that she was listening to me per se.

I finished Sandra’s coffee for her and tried to analyze them one by one across the table.  I came to the conclusion that  none of these meeting – goers were interested in ball sports