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A natural phenomenon of epic proportions visited our skies today as a bright light streaked across the Southern horizon. It was so blinding I couldn’t make any sense of what it was.

Ebba's eye

I saw Cooper crouching outside the window and began barking to get his attention. Poor thing just sat there looking up at the dazzle. The hair on my neck was standing straight up all the way down my tail as I rushed out to get a better look.

“Did you see that Cooper?” I asked.

“Yeah, rotten what a long time since it shone ‘round here.” He said and licked his paw.

“Wait, what?”

I squinted against the sky; there sitting on the edge of the world was a sparkling winter sun.

“He’s taking his time ain’t he,” Cooper remarked.

The sun had paused. Afraid to take the plunge into the black universe it hesitated in a quivering haze. I had to do something so I barked and the sun seemed to respond slipping over the edge.

As the sun began to sink out of sight I looked at Cooper expecting some serious respect.


“It wasn’t you done that.” he said  and walked away twitching his tail.

But it was.