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I got sick in the night. Sandra came running after me and examined me thoroughly. She hugged me and gazed into my eyes, then told me to go to bed. I thought since I was sick that the yearly dress up for Lucia would be cancelled in the morning. But I was apparently deemed well enough.  On top of it all Gracie was voted as most appropriate for being Lucia. She has light fur, was the reasoning. Blucia for the dogsut I read stuff and I know that human children can be Lucia if they have black hair or even if they are boys. So why are we kept in the stone age? I told Cooper about it and he also became disgruntled. My only solace is the fact that we look grumpy on the photo. Gracie is happy. I guess she deserves some happiness.

If you are wondering what Lucia is, its no big deal. Its kind of a light please come and save me from the darkness kind of a thing the Swedish humans do. You can Google it if you are interested in the madness. Oh alright, here is a link. Lucia for Dummies

If I were going to have a tradition I think something to do with throwing the ball would be perhaps appropriate.