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When I was wee, I used to go with Sandra to work. We rode in a noisy truck and I hated the trip. She would try to console me by pointing out cows and horses alongside the roads which admittedly were a nice distraction. But the favorite part of every day was when she’d ask if I recognized where we were. I knew that meant we were getting close to home. And then she’d tell me that we were going to soon be home and see Stevie and Cooper. This meant we were at the mailbox and the agony of the trip was nearly over.

But one day Stevie didn’t come home. Andreas and Sandra were out calling and searching on long walks. They printed up fliers and I heard them say they never mourned because they didn’t want to believe he was gone. Finally one day Sandra said that she thought the Eagles had taken Stevie. And Andreas said he was afraid he had closed him in a building around the farm.

I didn’t really feel all that bad, it’s hard to explain. And it’s been a tremendous burden taking care of his little brother Cooper since he now hangs out with us. But the other day when we were nearly home Sandra accidentally said,

We are almost home, we’ll see Cooper and Stevie…


It was an accident, an old habit. But it made me realize that there is, after all, something missing.

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