The sun lowered quickly after they left and the hours ticked away into darkness. Hurt feelings morphed to boredom led by a parade of yawns. But the darkness seemed like a bad sign and worry took over. winter comingWas this the last time they would leave? Had wolves taken them on the road or did they find a new home? My panic began to eat away at my energy and I drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Gracie’s squeals of joy sent my sleep off like galloping cattle. That dog is way out of control with her emotions. I often give her a growl to pipe her down, but tonight I was feeling the same relief as she was. I shot out through the cat flap and pressed my nose between the fence posts. Figures were walking by with bundles of Packages.

I could smell the undeniable bouquet of pet shop surprises

I could smell food, sweets, plastics and the undeniable bouquet of Pet Shop Surprises.  I didn’t feel angry at Gracie anymore, or at Sandra and Andreas for that matter. I could hardly wait to see what was in the pet shop package. When the sack came into view I jumped and sniffed and laughed and said thank you a million times as I spun and danced across the floor in front of them. There was some talk about Christmas and the sack went into the dining room and the door closed. I was not sure I understood so I went back into the kitchen and sniffed around everywhere to find the expected treats. I looked up at Sandra and she said,

“Well, alright- lets get the bed.”

Shortly she came back with …. I didn’t exactly know what to be honest. I climbed into it, looked around, turned up the floor of it and sniffed everywhere but there were no treats or toys to be found. Then it hit me, ‘Aha! this is a new shape of toy.’ so I grabbed the soft floor cover, put it in my mouth and raced around the kitchen yelling yahoo I am killing the toy, snapping it back and forth and Gracie after me. Oh the joy! But something was wrong, Sandra and Andreas were clearly stressed.

” She thinks its a stuffed animal.”

Sandra said then took it from me. I didn’t really quite get what she was talking about. I watched her put it back in the ‘thingy’ and carry it up the stairs. So Gracie and I followed. Sandra was talking to Andreas about something and so I thought, well I guess I’ll just play with the new toy then..  I got inside thingy and chewed away at the toy.The grand mistake

A disturbing cry from Sandra broke the spell of fun. Both she and Andreas were now upset, no doubt about it. She looked down at me as though I were the greatest disappointment in the world. The joy went out of me. I now felt bad again. Didn’t she love me? What was wrong. I was desperately trying to make sense of things. She gently took the toy from me and patched the hole I made with silver tape then laid it back in the bed with me.

Aha! this toy is not a toy, its a blanket. OK… they could have told me. Once I got used to the idea I started warming up to it. I now quite like my little bed thingy with the tape on it and guard it with a sense of pride.

Step away

In the mean time I’m hoping there are real toys in the dining room in that big sack ’cause, you know… a bed?!