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As a dog I puzzle over the change in humans during the deep winter. They become stressed and irritable but there is often a transformation that is beautiful. I can smell it and see it but I do not experience it. Does not experiencing this magic mean I am not truly compatible with my humans?

last night I got up to drink but the bowl upstairs was dry so I went downstairs to the kitchen bowl. The room was clean and empty of its usual clutter and there was a kind of openness that was alluring. I stayed for a while lost in my thoughts and sat still until sleepiness began to overtake me.

As I started towards the door, I saw a small bit of glitter on the floor and nosed at it. It smelled like snow and herbs but it did not melt or have taste.  Then there was another one and another; I couldn’t help walking around trying to lick at them. I noticed the room was gradually changing colour. There was a pinkish rainbow hue in the air and a beam of light shining down over me. Normally I would bark in a situation like this, but I could not. Well, I did not want to, it’s very difficult to explain the feeling but when I looked up what I saw was wonderful.

Christmas for Ebba

There in the highest North of Norths sat the Mother Bear. She was peaceful and watchful. I knew she was watching me and I realized there was meaning with my life, something special, something calm that would never end.

“Merry Solitude to all creatures”

was her silent but beautiful song.  Finally I have had my Christmas Vision. I don’t know if I now feel fully human or less human than before. Back upstairs I climbed under the covers and curled up between dogs, cat and humans and as I slipped into unconsciousness, I felt the magic.