Danish Swedish Farmdogs

My breed looks like the dog from the old RCA add, but apparently old Nipper was some sthe master's voiceort of Terrier whereas my ancestors are Pinschers. We are Nordic in our origins and served farms or gaards in many ways. We guarded, warned and protected the families as well as herding sheep and were often welcomed as family members. We were also often engaged in the circus due to our ability to quickly learn our bits and perform with energy. Today our genetic pool is older than and less watered down than most modern breeds. We are even considered a cultural heritage. Here are a few things you’ll read about our breed that I think are myths:

  • DSF dogs are good at catching mice and rats. Sometimes  my sister Gracie chews on dead mice, but I ignore rodents.
  • DSF dogs love to swim.  If I see a lake I walk around it.
  • DSF dogs are easy to train.  I’d agree that I am good at communicating with humans. It is confusing as to  why humans talk about our learning in terms of training.

If you are thinking of adding a dog of my breed to your family, be sure there is plenty to do and lots of space. If a dog like me is seen laying around, he has probably gone depressed or something. And if he goes missing, he may have run off to join the circus.


1 thought on “Danish Swedish Farmdogs”

  1. Thanks for following our blog…as you’ll see, pet birds and dogs play an important role in our posts.The Pig sends her love and thinks you’re a handsome beast yourself. Woof!

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